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Cultivating Innovative Beauty

We work with retailers, artists, and influencers to create distinctive brands that provide consumer solutions, speak to modern trends, and fulfill whitespace opportunities.

found® is the best value for high performance, transparently formulated, trend-focused health and beauty products. With natural ingredients and a strict not found® list, found® enhances modern beauty rituals and makes it easy to find what you need. View Brand Page →
Kristofer Buckle is a luxury makeup and beauty collection from the legendary makeup artist himself. Known for accentuating the bone structure and personal style of A-listers like Blake Lively and Christina Aguilera, Buckle’s artistic genius is again exposed for beauty lovers everywhere to experience through his namesake products. View Brand Page →
The Orlando Pita Play® collection offers a curated collection of high-performance products that target every hair concern. Each results driven product fuses modern technology along with efficacious ingredients to create beautiful and healthy hair. View Brand Page →
Inspired by nature and committed to wellness, NatureWell® is a collection of beneficial formulas that address the daily needs of face, hair and body. Our mission is to encourage self-care through the connection that looking better stems from feeling better. View Brand Page →
CHAD KENYON is a namesake collection from one of Hollywood’s most sought-after colorists. Performance-driven products are formulated to protect color-treated hair through every step of your regimen—without sulfates or harsh chemicals. Style with Care. View Brand Page →
NAILING HOLLYWOOD is a red carpet-inspired collection of prestige nail art, care and color products. Previously accessible to only industry artists and celebrity clientele, the trendsetting brand is now available through leading retailers. View Brand Page →
WilderLabs™, a naturally inspired, results-driven haircare range developed for every hair type. Responsibly sourced ingredients, once indigenous to wild environments, are combined with our advanced, proprietary complexes creating luxurious salon grade formulations. View Brand Page →

In Demand

We Guide the beauty and wellness industries’ most disruptive brands


A Beauty & Wellness Incubator

We are creators and collaborators, brand builders and communicators, unapologetically committed to delivering the best of beauty and wellness to the masses.

Based in Los Angeles, California, HATCHBEAUTY BRANDS was founded in 2009.


We work with retailers, artists, and influencers to create distinctive brands that provide consumer solutions, speak to modern trends, and fulfill whitespace opportunities.

Hatchbeauty Brands - Trend lab

Great ideas begin with great insights. The HATCHBEAUTY Lab merges our 10 years of experience launching breakthrough brands with some of the best data in the business to ensure our retailer’s and partner’s brands are always on trend and forward thinking.

HATCHBEAUTY BRANDS - Proprietary Digital Tools


The Trend Lab boasts a proprietary suite of tools focused on mining insights from social and digital conversations to predict trends up to three, six, and twelve months in advance.

HATCHBEAUTY BRANDS - Beauty & Wellness Reporting


We are generous with our data, allowing our retailers and partners access to annual trend reports. These reports inform their strategies and most importantly, make the most of our time collaborating together.


We launch photo-friendly products that become part of the social conversation. From concept to cart, we leverage a suite of marketing tools that ensure our brands garner attention and fly high on the consumer radar.



We create experiential in-store installations that offer consumers choreographed introductions and opportunities to engage firsthand with brands.

HATCHBEAUTY BRANDS - Influencer & Ambassador Programs


From Nano to Macro, we believe in the power of social influencers and tap into our networks to help drive brand sales and awareness further for every launch.

HATCHBEAUTY BRANDS - Paid Media and Marketing


Dedicated experts in every distribution platform and communication channel identify hyper-targeted customers and complementary influencers— resulting in the best allocation and ROI for ad dollars.