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A beauty & wellness incubator

HatchBeauty Brands, formerly HatchBeauty is pleased to announce that Lion Capital is now a minority investor in our company. This announcement marks a new and exciting phase--allowing us to escalate our innovative efforts and increase our offering to include wellness incubation. In this new model HatchBeauty Brands is the first and only incubator to merge the beauty and wellness space, allowing us to create solutions for consumers that champion beauty from the inside out.

“We’re looking forward to supporting Tracy and HATCHBEAUTY during its evolution… Tracy has an innate ability to identify what's missing in the beauty space and use her business savvy to execute big ideas that fill in those gaps. The future is bright for HATCHBEAUTY, and Lion Capital is pleased to be part of it.” - Matt Nordby, Partner, Lion Capital



Fun and experimental

The Orlando Pita Play® collection offers a curated collection of high-performance products that target every hair concern. Each results driven product fuses modern technology along with efficacious ingredients to create beautiful and healthy hair.

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Trend intelligence is the backbone of what we do. Leveraging proprietary data tools alongside consumer insights, HATCHBEAUTY BRANDS identifies unique whitespace opportunities allowing us to service both retailers and consumers by creating some of the most trend-forward mass market brands in the business.

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We understand retail--with experts dedicated to every communication channel and distribution platform. We do our research to ensure brand concepts resonate with the targeted customer, while always considering the current retail environment, platform, and program before beginning development.

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We believe branding and product development go hand in hand. A singular vision is carried from concept to creation. There is magic in the makeup.



We like to complete the circle. We offer 360 degrees of best-in-class innovation, product development, and branding — all coupled with vertically-integrated testing and manufacturing in the United States.

We Are In Demand

We influence and guide some of the beauty and wellness industries’ most disruptive brands — from small startups to well-established, multi-billion-dollar companies. Our clients include prestige brands, CPG companies, contract manufacturers, pharma companies, direct-to-consumer digital brands, and many of the country's largest retailers.


Mindful Beauty for an Active Live

Found is the best value for high performance, transparently formulated, trend-focused products in health and beauty. With 90–99% natural ingredients, Found enhances modern beauty rituals with products that live with your routine, make it easy to make a more thoughtful, caring choice when it comes to all things beauty.

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Client Testimonials

HATCHBEAUTY truly embodies a full-service company that is knowledgeable from design to manufacturing to distribution. We wanted to work with a company that could relate and speak to all the facets of the industry in order to provide us with the best branding experience and outcome.

– Lauren Wolk, Vice President of Sales, Goldfaden MD

They have been instrumental in helping us think through the very large and complex beauty and skin care industry as DSC looks to make its mark there. With them you gain decades of experience, and all the handholding you need to take advantage of it.

– Michael Dubin, co-founder Dollar Shave Club

HATCHBEAUTY has been unbelievably helpful throughout the development process. They have so many ideas and were able to understand how my vision would succeed at stores.

– Salma Hayek, NUANCE Salma Hayek

They helped us with the entire rebranding process, as well as all of our specific packaging choices. Our new look reflects the vision of our brand – we’re thrilled with it.

– Francisco Gimenez, co-founder eSalon

In The Press

“This product-development pro has married some of mass’s largest retailers, from Costco to CVS, with celebs and artists for a winning formula in the area of proprietary brands.”

— Beauty Inc Nov 2015

“HATCHBEAUTY is a company that builds beauty brands from concept to manufacturing.”

– Bloomberg July 2015

“HATCHBEAUTY cracks the code with a three-pronged approach. The award-winning agency division cultivates 360-degree campaigns, the products division provides turnkey brand building, and the labs division completes the process with the filling of the product along with testing and research. With its manufacturing arm, HATCHBEAUTY offers vertical integration to deliver products at a lightning pace and at economical costs.”

– CEW September 2014

"HATCHBEAUTY is a beauty industry company, but they operate like a life science company. It’s an interesting cross pollination.” She calls it a good fit for the region.”

– Biz Journals July 2012

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HATCHBEAUTY BRANDS is an exciting place to be.

Our office is an energetic, collaborative space that allows enthusiastic people to turn passion into products that tell stories. Every day at HATCHBEAUTY BRANDS is different.We innovate to create diverse and compelling products. We are a team comprised of amazingly talented people who share a single mission… to create amazing and accessible beauty and wellness brands.

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